Me and my stripe...

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Me and my stripe...

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 07, 2011 10:38 pm

Me and my stripe had a baby spot. Dinosaurs ate it then had a wank. I called the dinosaur names so it fucked a hobo nigga. I told the head teacher so he got a detention, cunt! I looked up a unicorns skirt and got a boner so i fucked Zeus up the bum but a pheasant recorded it and put it on youtube and it has 666 views. Devil fucking with my video?!?!?! So i sent him Jeremy Kyle to screw him up, poor twat. The devil resigned today. David Cameron finally got his promotion to Devil. He's a natural like a monkey and MW2. No difference between trickshots, bananas and snakes on planes. "I've had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking ginger bread house!!!" Fuck it's on fire!!! Ginger cunts burning my fucking Spanish homework. Teacher said i lied so i raped a chameleon.... Pure pleasure....


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